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Invisalign Day 5

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I thought I would separate my posts from initial to where I am at today. Yes it has only been 5 days but a lot of comments can be made in 5 days.

Let's start with what these liners look like when they are in my grill!

I made an interesting face in order to show these as best as I could. But take a look, can't really tell can you.

Alright so today is 5/14 days in from the initial insertion of these first set of liners.

- my teeth aren't aching anymore
- easier to take in and out
- I do not really snack at all anymore
- I don't feel the sensitivity on my teeth when I'm drinking cold water
- people don't really notice them until I point them out

- these facking things hurt the first 2-3 days. Not pain but achey which means they are working but doesn't change the fact that I wanted to rip them out and say screw it.
- water is pretty much the only thing I can drink while wearing the liners, anything else sucks because at this point my liners are kind of a foggy colour.
- eating is a whole different experience because of the attachments on the teeth. My mouth doesn't close the same because they are in the way, so my bite is different (not sure if good or bad).
- cleaning the liners isn't as easy as you think.
- the liners are developing a smell (since I'm brushing and flossing I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it's still early in the game so maybe I can figure out how to prevent this).
- the inside of my mouth in a mess in that they are rubbing against the edge of the liners and inside of lips are getting raw. Maybe talk less? (that would be awesome, more time for other job or reading!!!!)

Things that I now know for the second and remaining sets of lingers.

1. Literally do not drink anything except water with these in
2. Drinking through a straw still has its drawbacks
3. Not only will liquid diet not work but not likely that you are going to lose any weight with these either (damnit!)
4. Do not use toothpaste and brush to clean the liners, they are not teeth and therefore absolutely useless.
5. Use the toothbrush and warm water.

For fun, here is a photo of me before going to dentist to get the first set of liners. I have a nice big gap and can't wait to close that and fix all this other nasty business going on.

I will check back in at liners set #2 which is 14 days from last Wednesday so around June 1st for some Invisalign updates.

Until then I might check in with other random shit :)

Happy May 2-4 long weekend lovelies.