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REVIEW: Royal Red Queen Costume

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It's a cool rainy day today and I'm fairly certain that I am of the small minority that is actually smiling and happy about this. I have to say that my absolute favourite time of the year is almost here again, Halloween!!!

Most people look at me like I'm nuts and wish it was 2 months ago with blazing heat and grossness, but I sit here in my comfy track pants and hoodie sweater with a Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate thinking about how awesome the next few months will be.

There are those that are looking forward to Christmas and I'm all in here thinking about witches, vampires and goblins oh my! It's Hocus Pocus on repeat time! I'm so happy I could cry (cue the drama music).

One of my favourite things to do at this time is to watch as the stores start putting away all the back to school merchandise and start setting up their seasonals goodies. Bring on the annoy sounds of every gadget in the Halloween section going off, all the candy that will start gracing the shelves and most importantly the costumes!

So with the official countdown that happens every single year starting September 1st, we are down to T-minus 48 days until "the most wonderful time of the year" (he had it wrong, it isn't Christmas damnit, it's Halloween!!!).

Lately my schedule has been such a cluster-muck, even thinking about a costume was on the list but it still hadn't been checked off...until my wonderful people at the costume reviewer reminded me it was time to get my costume review skills on (cue AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck').

In the past, I have blessed everyone with the sexy cat costume, the poison apple costume and the most recent Alice in Wonderland costume. I know it is so not a surprise with me, and keeping true to my inner Alice I just can't move on just yet. With the theme in mind, I present Halloween 2015's costume 'Royal Red Queen'.
The ever so awesome team over at Costume SuperCentre hooked me up yet again, super quick, super easy and as always never fail to deliver, quick, easy and exactly what I asked for.

Check costume off the list! Squeeeeee...

Super sexy and COMPLETELY with the theme right? I am super excited to strut around in this for sure. Wonder if I will get away with screaming "Off with their head" to my party goers as well...hmm, time will tell.

I ordered a plus size because I haven't woken up from a deep sleep skinny yet and as always I am afraid of how it will fit because of not only my weight but my height (I'm a fluffy short gal). I should know better at this point because I have yet to receive a costume that doesn't fit when I order according to their sizing chart.

This beauty of a costume comes with the dress and headband, but all other accessories you gotta purchase on top of. Which honestly I have to purchase nothing as I already have the stockings and we all know I'm a Halloween shoe nut so I have the sexy mary janes on lock already. I, as always, am psyched for October 31st at my house.

So all my pretties you must must MUST go check out the website as there are TONS to choose from. The prices are great and competitive, the shipping is prompt and I assure if you are a customer once you will be a customer every year for every member of your family.

Also because I know majority (if not all) of you are on Facebook, check out their Facebook page because all of the reviews end up on there and to stay in the loop year round. These guys are very interactive with their customers so it is well worth it.

Please be sure to have a safe and well, "Wonderland" Halloween!

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, NOT influenced in any way.

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