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REVIEW: Kinivo ZX100 Portable Speaker

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Have you ever gone to a store, or gone online, and looked up portable speakers for outside? Now that summer is in full swing it is almost like the perfect accessory to have, especially with all the technology nowadays.

Gone is the hassle of pulling your stereo speakers to the back window, propping them up using the broom, or the 'table tower' as we used to call it, in order to entertain while everyone was outside BBQing and having a good time.

Looking at the hundreds of products available you would almost subconsciously look for the biggest one because that essentially was going to be what would give the biggest sound right? Wrong. Just like SD cards, size no longer matters.

I was approached to take a look at the Kinivo ZX100 portable speaker to give it a shot and give me honest opinion. I honestly can say when I seen it, looked at the price, I was sure this was going to be some mediocre gadget that wasn't going to work very well.

I am pleasantly surprised!

I charged it up for the 4 hours it suggested (which was basically no time as I just did my normal stuff on my computer while it charged) and then we decided to take it outside in our somewhat large backyard and hook it up to my cellphone to play some music while we let the kids play and cooked some dinner.

Not only was it good quality and clear crisp sound, but that little sucker (which is the size of a small apple) was a lot louder than I thought it would be. To boot you can actually connect multiple speakers if you wanted for even more sound.

I have to say, for the size, the quality, ease of use for charging and playing the music, this speaker is absolutely reasonable with the bang for your buck. I would recommend it to anyone who just wants a little somethin' somethin' while hanging out at home, office or even the beach.

Features & What's Included:

- Modular design with maximum sound output: Simply connect multiple units together to multiply the sound-boom
- Rechargeable Battery-Powered: Enjoy music with its long lasting battery life up to 6 hours
- Portability: Compact design with built in audio cable provides maximum portability & convenient storage
- Charging+audio cable: Connect any music device to the speaker using the built in cable or the longer charging cable
- Device compatibility - All iPhones, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, CD players, Laptops, Tablets and Other Music Devices with a 3.5mm audio socket, Android smartphones (HTC, All Droids, Samsung) and Blackberry Smartphones
- What's inside: Kinivo ZX100 speaker, Longer audio +USB charging cord, Carrying pouch and User manual and includes 1 year warranty.

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, NOT influenced in any way.