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REVIEW: Golden Naturals Skin Care

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For the last few years I have been going almost completely naked when it comes to my face. By naked I mean no skin care regiments, no make-up and only soap every few days to 'cleanse'. I got tired of how heavy it felt using creams and lotions on my face to help keep it looking young, smooth and line free, to then put make-up over it to fine tune everything just right (after covering up all the beautiful pimples of course). All I would basically be doing is filling in the pores during the day and then scrubbing away at it at night, if I didn't fall asleep first. The next day I would get up and start it all over again.

My skin hated me, and in all honestly I hated it as well without all the garbage on it to make it look better. It never felt better but us women (and some men I know) will go to great lengths to look rather than feel better about some things. Of course it was a lose lose situation because my skin would fight back with acne and the more acne I got the more product I would use to cover it up.

So I've been naked. It has helped in the sense that I don't get nearly as much acne as I used to get, aside from some hormonal shifts throughout the months, and the cost of doing business for cosmetics has dropped substantially as a result. What hasn't changed however is the amount of time spent outdoors in the sun, both direct and indirectly. I by no means am a sun bunny, in fact I prefer rainy days over sunny ones, but I have 3 kids which means my preferences come last. We are outdoors all the time and despite SPF sunscreens for the face I still manage to do some damage to my skin which results in it being dry and rough and until most recently I was finding lines *gasp*.

When the opportunity to try Golden Naturals Pristine skin care line came up, although hesitant at first, I was curious to see if these products would make a difference or feel as heavy and sludge-like as ones I previously tried. I said yes to learn more and from there had a conference call with the founder Marinella Nicolosi, complete with presentation about the company, the vision and the commitment to providing only high quality natural ingredients in the products.

Marinella put together a personal regiment for me based on my skin type and problems I experienced in the past, and within a short time my products were shipped and arrived ready for me to use.

Pristine: Sea Buckthorn Cream Cleanser

Specially formulated for normal, dry and sensitive skin is excellent for all skin type. The highly moisturizing and revitalizing cleansing action tones, soothes and alleviates dry, sensitive and irritated skin restoring natural, healthy looking skin.

Main Properties: Cleansing, hydrating, anti-ageing.

Pristine: Refreshing Cucumber Toner

An uplifting blend of refreshing, calming and toning botanical extracts help soothe, condition and relax sensitive, stressed, dry, tired skin leaving it cool and radiant. It helps cleanse irritations and acne formation.

Main Properties: Astringent, refreshing, revitalizing, anti-inflammatory.

Pristine: Hydrating Face Cream

Highly nourishing and rejuvenating, a wonderful cream for your daily care. Formulated with extra virgin Blueberry seed oil, which contains powerful antioxidants like Vitamins E. Enriched with natural Vitamins C and E, helps increase collagen production, assists with fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

Main Properties: Anti-ageing, hydrating, nourishing.

For 2 weeks I stuck to the regiment. Wake up, cleanse, tone and moisturize. Before bed I would cleanse and tone. I noticed a difference in my skin within about 4 days. It didn't feel so dry or look so blotchy. I was ecstatic!

After the 2 weeks I will say that my skin feels great. I will be continuing to use the products daily as the sun has definitely done its damage to my skin, but at least now I am a little more hopeful that it can be fixed without feeling like I am adding pounds of chemicals onto my face every single day. I also love that once I apply the products I do not have any residue sitting and my face still feels light and basically product free which is great.

I would definitely recommend this line to anyone looking to replace their current regiment with something minimal, light and effective. Although I'm sure these work best when used along with the other products in their line, even starting small and replacing with a simple cleanser would be beneficial, however if these work for you the way they work for me, I'm positive you will be going back to pick up the others to complete your regiment.

Thank you Golden Naturals!