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REVIEW: Love Letters to the Dead

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Dear Kurt Cobain

Dear River Phoenix

Dear Janis Joplin

By now you are most likely on your way to over to purchase a copy of Ava Dellaira's book "Love Letters to the Dead" if you are anything like me.

When I was asked to take part in the BLUNTmoms cool club book club I was hesitant at first because more often than not I am the black sheep collectively when it comes to tastes in many things, and books is one of those. Albeit the title alone was extremely catchy for me because who hasn't written a love letter to River Phoenix?! In my mind I was married to him...even after he died, in fact I still am. I never wrote one to Kurt Cobain but the troubled man was a genius with music and music is everything.

For Laurel, trying to come to terms with the death of her sister May is the grip in this magnificently crafted story. It started out as an English class assignment (which I so wish we were given an assignment like this when I was in school) and spiraled into a way to cope with what happened, and ultimately happens with Laurel herself. It is an adventure of self discovery of sorts for Laurel and with it she shares the story of her life before, with and after May. Her character journals to a small variety of people based on the emotions or events that take place at the time piece she is writing about. Her split poetic personalities have their preferred ghost to write to, amazing.

I will be recommending this book to everyone that I know that loves a new edge to add to their collection of books. Without telling the story myself it gives readers a way to follow the story of a girl coping, but also a way deal with a few inner demons myself. This book came to me at a time when someone very near and extremely dear to me passed away and I've struggled more than I care to admit for a way to come to terms with it so maybe for me this hit home in a different way.

It is a super easy read, one that you will most likely find yourself swept away with and before you know it the wee hours will be flashing on your alarm clock indicating you now only have 3 hours of sleep before work. Or maybe that's just me. I became very familiar with the term "just one more page" and then I would see Dear River Phoenix again and yet another "one more" would happen again.

So my dear readers, be sure to go pick up your copy, read it and weep. Make sure you stop back to let me know what you thought and I will be sure to fill you in on the next adventure as well.

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