Just a chick trying to figure out life. These are my confessions.

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So there I am! Living it up in my 30-somethings with a ridiculously hot hubby, 3 seriously outgoing matter-of-fact smart beautiful kids, a cat named Roxii that just won't quit, 2 chihuahuas named Lokii (what was I thinking) and Brodii who don't understand the concept of pee outside.

I'm a strongly opinionated, outspoken, inappropriate and absolutely unapologetic chick going through this thing called life and trying to do it with my sanity intact. So far, this isn't working out so well!

Follow me as I confession myself straight to the LCBO. My rants, my way...you've been warned ;) Xo

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Total Facelift

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Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone finding themselves at my new home complete with a much needed facelift.

What do you think?

I am really kind of digging this. I need to adjust to the 'white' still but it's good. A smart move. A little re-invention-ization (Uh huh, I just did that) and I feel good about it.


Too many people thinking I was some sort of alcoholic mother who wanted to be punched. True story. Despite telling people that Punch-Drunk, as seen even on my website punchdrunkmum.com (currently about to be redirected to this lovely piece of cyber space), described me fairly well. If you read the definition of what it was it was listed as follows:

Main Entry: punch-drunk

Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: dazed

Synonyms: agog, baffled, befuddled, confused, dazzled, dizzy, dumbfounded, dumbstruck, flustered, lost, muddled, perplexed, punchy*, puzzled, rattled, slap-happy, staggered!

Now maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure alcohol induced punching is not in this definition.

Either way, here I am. Desperately. Seeking. Me. It sums it up. It's dead on and is right in so many ways. Daily I seek to find myself, to become a better mother, a better wife, a better friend and to figure out stuff in general. Oddly enough, and totally not making this up, I really don't know everything. I like to think I do all the time sometimes, my super special husband will attest to that, but I think it has always been more that I just try to wing it and make it look good.

We will save that story for another day. For now I am going to go get ready for work and wait for the call that my sister has finally had the damn baby already.

Oh ya, and I'm impatient.

Thanks again for coming over, I promise things are going to get pretty crazy around here. I've missed me.