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So there I am! Living it up in my 30-somethings with a ridiculously hot hubby, 3 seriously outgoing matter-of-fact smart beautiful kids, a cat named Roxii that just won't quit, 2 chihuahuas named Lokii (what was I thinking) and Brodii who don't understand the concept of pee outside.

I'm a strongly opinionated, outspoken, inappropriate and absolutely unapologetic chick going through this thing called life and trying to do it with my sanity intact. So far, this isn't working out so well!

Follow me as I confession myself straight to the LCBO. My rants, my way...you've been warned ;) Xo

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The Diva What?!

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Seeing is believing right?

I am speechless.

Ok, almost speechless. Where the hell has my vagina been for the last two decades?

Wait. Scratch that.

I know exactly where my vagina has been, same spot it has always been... in my husbands back pocket. However anatomically speaking it has been at the top of the V since birth but right now it is almost too excited to sit still.

I must be fairly sheltered right now. Or too busy coercing with the LCBO attendants to pay as much attention as I should be clearly.

I'm rambling. She's overly excited I think.

I need to ask all of you women...and any men in my life that may, or may not have directly seen but been told about and yet failed to mention to me *gasp gasp*, why you have failed me?

How can I only now, compliments of Truthfully might I add, just be hearing/reading about the DivaCup???

All you bitches better open up (oh gush, the puns is just too great to resist) about the experience with this...this...this gold mine of all vaginal insertion inventions!!!

Do I see brighter (and I don't mean flow) days ahead? Could there be light at the end of this tunnel?

Do I do it?

Do I not?

Should I raise my legs to the heavens and scream YES! YES! YES!?

Should I just keep to my sippy cup (of booze) to help cope with this goddamn nightmare of menstruation and count down the days until I no longer have to deal with it?

I need to go. My uterus hurts.