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Review & Giveaway: Hasbro's Magic Jinn


I can remember many, many moon ago playing guessing games with my sister. Matter of fact, I think to this day we still actually play sometimes. We went from the childhood favourites like "Tag" to "Hide and Go Seek" and our more quiet less physical game of "I Spy". We would ask questions which would result in a yes or no response and spend hours trying to figure it out. Naturally we would spy something and then change our minds part way through because the other one was guessing it too fast. I was a pro and figured out how to trick her so she would ultimately get frustrated and give up making me the undefeated champion of the world. Hmm, maybe I exaggerate a bit, so what. To be a kid again right?

Hasbro has always been one of the family favourites. Spending whole weekends with my bestie playing Candy Lane, Battleship, Clue and the ever classic Monopoly is a memory I am fond of. Having an opportunity to test and review a fairly new game from Hasbro was super exciting and took me back...way back (ugh, I went there again). The kids were so excited waiting for it to get here. Magic Jinn finally arrived and a few batteries later we were all having fun with him.

Magic Jinn is a game for ages 6 and up that tests your knowledge on animals. Not only is this a super educational toy, where the kids need to think of an animal and answer Jinn's questions based on whether or not it has fur, does it swim, is it larger than a microwave, but it forces the kids to think back on what they know about the particular animal as they try to stump him...and he doesn't give up that easily! Jinn takes you through a series of questions in which you will answer with a yes, no, I don't know or it depends. Once he is sure he has it he will reveal what he thinks. If you are sneaky you will win, but Magic Jinn is a pretty smart guy and you can spend endless hours playing.

Although it is recommended for 6 our little one was only 5 and able to play along too. Some of his questions confused her a little but playing along with mom or dad we were able to keep it going until he guessed her animal. Jinn's cute interactive responses had all 3 kids giggling which of course just made us laugh along too. Such a great toy to have fun with and educate along the way.

Product Variety: 5/5 (lots of animals to keep you going)
Product Use: 4/5 (a few more quirky reactions would be good)
Product Recommendation: 5/5 (age is just a number after all)

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