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Product Review: Kre-O CityVille Skyscraper Mayhem Set

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Being a Blogaholic has many different perks. Of course my favourite perk is being able to do product reviews for all sorts of different companies. Some of these companies are small ones just breaking out into the big economic world, while others have been near and dear to my heart since becoming a parent. The one in question for today is Hasbro. We have had many years of fun with a number of their products but last week we got to review one of the newest additions to their family, the Keo-O CityVille Skyscraper Mayhem Set!

This set contained 431 pieces and included 8 Kreon figures. The kids stared at the box longingly waiting for me to say it was ok to get to it. I, being the awesome mother than I am, let them stew on it for an additional day before I gave them the ok to get started.

First they cleaned (with a cloth and everything) the dining room table, arranged the chairs so everyone had their own section of table and proceeded to unleash the monster. The initial reaction was to stare at everything in little plastic baggies and decide who was getting to do what first. Unfortunately for the 5 year old, she got left with whatever the 7 and 9 year old didn't want. That said she was quite happy to be involved at all!

Once they opened every single bag and dumped the contents all over the table...yes...431 pieces of it, they set to work on trying to assemble the set. The 9 year old was quietly reading through the instructions and looking through the pile of parts for what he needed, while the 7 year old was trying to turn the pages to "look" at the picture and figure it out without the instructions at all. Little miss 5 year old simply sat and chatted away while she created her own set by putting whatever pieces she wanted, wherever she wanted and how she wanted.

I'd like to say they sat quietly. I'd like to say they spent all day playing with it. However, I would be lying if I did so.

They sat super un-quiet, because they were having so much fun with it. It was assembled over 3 days because they kept taking the Kreons on little adventures all over the livingroom and the basement and was enjoyed all weekend long.

I would recommend this set, and any additional sets from Hasbro, to any children that love to create, build and rebuild sets of lego or puzzles because at the end of the day it does take some skill and focus. There are 431 small pieces so I would also recommend that you have adult supervision if there are any younger kidlets in the house running around that may not know the rules of keeping objects out of their mouths. Working on a flat smooth surface would be most effective and having a zip lock bag handy in the event they get distracted and want to put it away will keep all the parts together and prevent losing them.

My only con for this product is the size of the pieces. That said it wouldn't prevent me from buying these sets, I would just be making sure all the packages weren't opened up until their needed to be!


Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, NOT influenced in any way.

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