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I'm a strongly opinionated, outspoken, inappropriate and absolutely unapologetic chick going through this thing called life and trying to do it with my sanity intact. So far, this isn't working out so well!

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Well my little stint on the treadmill last week and then Monday seems to of short changed me for the rest of this week. The only person to blame is myself...

...which is nothing short of obvious!

I tend to get back into things and don't just go gradual...ever. I have to go all or nothing and won't take anything less than that. It's such a pain in my ass but I never learn.

I didn't just do a little on the treadmill and call it a day. I had to do a full 5k and it had to be done in less than an hour in my first day back. I had some pain in my ankles/shins/calves but I figured it was my body saying good morning and so I kept on.

Saturday I had a break, Sunday we had softball for 4 hours and then Monday I was back at the gym and on the treadmill again. Although I didn't pay attention to the distance I know I was walking/jogging on there for about 45 mins total.

Result was the pain again in my foot and right ankle in particular. Looked into it and it appears I have screwed my achilles tendon in the right foot because quite frankly, I'm a tool. I wasn't listening to my body the proper way and as a result I can't even wear running shoes and walk without it being a limp. When I wear my flipflops it's ok because there is no pressure of any sort resting against the tendon however flipflops in a gym? Exactly.

I took Tuesday off to rest my foot but spent as much time as I could walking around and stretching it out. I didn't hit 10,000 steps on my fitbit but I did pretty good considering.

Was looking forward (not initially when I woke up cause I'm tired as hell) to going to meet A at the gym for a day of triceps, biceps and abs but that became a big no go because the student I have staying with me decided that her 'brain hurt' and she wasn't going to school. Many of you might think it's no big deal and I could of left her home but honestly I can't. There is a lot more involved in that and I really wasn't going to give her the morning to sleep and basically do nothing here when she could of been at school.

My ankle still hurts. I'm in a foul mood because I couldn't go to the gym and I will have to make due here at home until I can get to the gym at some point today. I do have equipment in the basement but it sucks. My treadmill SCREAMS every single time I'm on it and it gives me quite a complex. I get it, I'm fat, thanks for pointing it out yet again to me.

I also have home work out dvds so that's an option but again bouncing around on my foot doesn't appeal completely to me right now either. I want my foot better because I want on that goddamn treadmill again. I could most likely do some weights of sorts but will have to clean up the basement first as my kids get all up in that and make a huge mess.

Will check back in later or tomorrow with what ended up happening!