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REVIEW: Sunscreen Bands

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Being a mom to 3 kids that absolutely love to be outside (despite sun, rain, snow or whatever else might fall from the sky) has its good points and some bad ones. One of the bad ones is the UVs. How do you tell your kids to stop playing outside when they are having so much fun?

When I had the opportunity to review Sunscreen Bands, I was so excited and couldn't wait for them to arrive in the mail. My initial issue was what day do I use them. Should it be the day they were going to school? Didn't make sense. What about baseball weekend? No because they stayed with their nana for the day. How about today? It was pouring rain and they stayed inside. I sat and waited for the perfect day to try them.

Thank God for Victoria Day long weekend!!! We tried them out for the first time yesterday. We have a fairly decent sized backyard, 2 big trees that offer shade and a bunch of family that showed up for a BBQ so they were all over the place.

While we were just tossing a baseball back and forth I remembered the bands. I sent in the kids to grab the bands and the sunscreen. Lathering them all up like usual, we got down to business. My kids are all pretty fair skin complexion babies and for the most part never end up with sun tans or burns at all. I always have them covered up as much as possible so this was a good opportunity to open it up and see what Sunscreen Bands was going to do for us.

Once the sunscreen was applied, we applied a band to each kid (4 were here in total at that time). Sending them into the sunlight to 'activate' the bands, they came back with dark purple wristbands and we then applied the sunscreen to the bands themselves and sent them on their merry way.

Three of the girls had spaghetti strapped shirts/tops/bathing suits on, a giant no no for me when I know they will be in the sun awhile, and my son was wearing a t-shirt. BUT trusting that these bands were going to let me know the what-what I sat back and relaxed and continued to play ball, garden a bit, enjoy a BBQ and then some random shenanigans. We even washed 4 cars so the bands got wet but still worked as the sunscreen had previously dried prior to them getting wet.

During this time the kids kept running over to show me their "bracelets" so I could see what colour they were. Once 2 of them showed up with the light violet colour it was sunscreen application time again. Eventually we got through all 4 kids with a second application but I have to tell you, I really would of applied it to the kids another 2 times I'm sure in the whole time they were outside, but these bands let me know it was ok to cool it for a little longer.

Despite being outside for the whole afternoon, the bands didn't turn yellow once, which would indicate it's time to cover up or head for cover and it was awesome. After the rest of the evening, my 3 having their showers and being indoors for a bit I inspected each one to see if the bands had done their duty and I have to say they absolutely did!

My son had a little rosy cheek business going on and I realized we never did apply to his face as we got too busy yabbering while applying and I moved on to the next child. But other than that all 3 were sunburn free and it was such a great relief.

I LOVE these Sunscreen Bands and I would highly suggest to anyone going to the beach, the zoo, a water park, the park in general or anywhere where you know you may be for longer than normal to get these. It's great to be able to allow the kids to enjoy being kids without running around behind them with the bottle of sunscreen saying "just once more, c'mere". I for sure will be getting some. At just over a buck a piece, and a variety of styles to choose from, it is totally worth my sanity, that's for sure :)

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, NOT influenced in any way.

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