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Product Review: SunRype Smoothies!

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So sometimes life gets in the way of some of the things you love to do...like blogging. Between family, kids' school, volunteer work, selling Avon, working full time, hanging out with friends are trying to at least stay in touch and of course trying to find some time just for me, things have been a little crazy and I've missed being around on here.

Having to be go-go-go much of the time as of late, I am always looking for the quick fixes, the easy recipes and anything that will get some good quality nutrition into not only my kids, but myself as well. That said when PTPA posted about the new SunRype Smoothies I thought what an excellent opportunity and it was one I just had to do. And man, am I glad they picked me as one among many.

For starters I'm more of an "anything to do with raspberries and raspberries only" kind of girl when it comes to drinks. Whether those be juices, cocktails, wines, beer and anything else. Even when trying to make homemade smoothies you will never see me grabbing bananas or other fruits and adding them to my smoothie. Just 10lbs of raspberries (yeah, some exaggeration never hurt no one), some frozen yogurt, some ice and I'm good. I've tried many different smoothies from lots of fruity kiosks and I have to say when I first seen the bottles come in I sort of had second thoughts about whether or not I'd take a chance and see how SunRype compared.

The first one I tried was the 'Berry Delicious' and that was prior to even tossing it in the fridge as I was just so eager to try yet another product by SunRype hoping that they weren't going to let me down. I took a little sit at first, and right away my daughters were bugging to try so I let them. They both immediately said "Mmmmmmm mom that is soooooooo good, can you buy these all the time?". I wrestled the bottle back from them and took a drink this time...and was absolutely pleasantly surprised. It's not that I thought I'd be let down but I have just had no luck with finding really good non-homemade in my kitchen smoothies that my kids would be willing to drink. I can find plenty of things with added sugar and lots of artificial garbage in them but I'm really trying to avoid as much of that as I can. So overall this one was a score and something I'll definitely be stocking the fridge with. Once it made it into the fridge and I had a chance to try it out again nice and chilled it was even better and quite a thirst quencher. Woot!

The other sample I got was the 'Tropical Sunrise'. It was just awesome (and clearly was meant to be) that my second favourite fruit, the wonderful peach, is one of the ingredients in this one. Like the Berry Delicious one I was a little unsure at first but since it was such a hit I figured it was ok to take a chance and so I did...and did not share with anyone. This is definitely my favourite between the two of them for sure. This is great at room temp, amazing at fridge chill and absolutely ridiculous when put in the freezer for a bit to slushify (I just made that up) it. Absolutely tastey and will be in my house as often as possible for sure.

I'm super happy that PTPA approves this and it is apparent why they would. Once you try any of these out for yourself you will absolutely agree on it, for sure!

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