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Spontuneous great for family night!!!

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Well, last months Spontuneous giveaway contest was a huge success!!! Four lucky winners won their very own copy of one of the funniest games I have played in a long time.

Despite the fact that we all get fairly busy in our day to day activities, on Sundays we can usually find some time to do something together as a family...or as the case may be, do something fun together all while in the same room but not necessarily doing the same thing. This has been the case a few times for us. Our oldest, he’s 8.5, will opt to play a board game (or cards) with us, while the two younger ones will chase each other around the house with brushes and Barbie pieces pretending to sword fight. Sometimes we might even get to sit down together to watch a movie, however someone ends up falling asleep (cough cough HUBBY!).

Some people have Sunday dinner, others have pizza Friday but in my house I think we are going to lean towards some form of a game night, or family fun night. If we can stick to a specific day that would be great, but since the kids are still young, they have all sorts of things they want to be doing randomly, play dates all the time etc, but if we can designate or make note to have one night a week to play together as a family doing something fun I would be happy.

I have to say we have been able to alter the Spontuneous game a little so that when the other 2 kids can play as well. Remember the rules we gave you in the last post? Well for the younger kids we simply get them to name a song that has that word in it. If they can sing a song then it’s even better, but if the 4.5 year old can’t sing and only tell me that the Dora theme song has the word in it, well one point for her ;) Fun for everyone regardless of age!

For anyone else who was a little late to the game (YES the pun is intended) you must, must, must check out this game. If you love to sing, randomly even in the car on the way to work, in the shower, in the mirror just cause you can, and even while riding the train with headphones on and completely forgetting that although only you can hear the music, other people can still hear you then you NEED to check it out.

Spontuneous is a game that will not only entertain company that you have over, but can be shared with just the family for a fun evening. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like to laugh or even sing (even if it is horrible off key). There is a reason this game was voted Creative Child Magazine's Creative Toy Awards - 2011 Game of the Year as well as a Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Winner as well.

Want to get your sing on now? Go to Amazon, or directly to the Spontuneous webstore and get it now!!! (And be sure to send me some videos of the hilarious karaoke that is going to unfold ;) -- after you are finished laughing about it of course!)

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