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Spontuneous Board Game

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For anyone out there that loves a good board game as well as the enjoyable past time of singing uncontrollably at the top of your lungs, sometimes with or without an audience, I have to say to you that you NEED to get your very own Spontuneous party board game.

Spontuneous (spon-toon-ee-as) – Adj. “Acting on the natural tendency or impulse to burst into song.”

When PTPA had posted about the opportunity to test this product, I jumped right on it. Test a new board game? For sure. Test a new board game where I get to sing and make a fool of my horrible inability to sing in front of people? Sign me up!!!

The game is meant for 3-10 players, ranging in ages 9 to adult, however my son is 8 and I thought why not? If we got pulled over for the gaming commission I’d just ensure he had his fake ID set to reflect he was 9 ;)

The object of the game is to stump the other players from being able to sing any song that contains your trigger word. And of course whomever makes it to the finish line first, wins.

Everyone thinks of 3-5 trigger words which you essentially get from thinking of a song you know and pulling a word from it and writing it down on your list. Obviously avoid words like “a” “it” “the” as they are much too common and won’t make for much stumping. Once everyone has their words the game can start.

A 15-second timer is flipped by the first person (you roll the dice to determine who that will be prior) and they will read a word from their list and it’s on. All other players have 15 seconds to begin singing a 5 word portion of a song that contains that person’s trigger word. They must begin singing before the timer runs out. If they succeed, they roll the dice and move along. If however they don’t succeed and the timer runs out, the “Tunesmith” (person whose turn it is) has to flip the timer again and THEY need to sing a 5 word portion of a song to prove that they in fact can do it themselves. If they do, they roll and move ahead, but if they can’t they have to roll the dice and go backwards and game play continues to the left.

Sounds easy right? I dare you to keep a straight face!

Keep in mind that the whole time this is going on you are most likely too busy giggling as quietly as possible and paying so much attention to the others around you that you fail to see the timer going down as quickly as it is. Not to mention you are trying to sing OVER your opponents who are also trying to do the same thing as you.

I know a lot of songs. In fact, I LOVE music, but when I’m sitting there with tears rolling down my face listening to others attempting to get their 5 words of fame out, and not to mention who stops at 5 words really??? It becomes a crazy game playing karaoke fest and one of the best evenings ever.

A side note as well, if you are playing with all adults, and add a little whine and wine to this game then watch out...and don’t forget to take pictures and hit record on the video camera because it will have you laughing about it for many, many nights!

To purchase a copy of the game right now so you can get started on your big dreams of being the next board game rockstar, you can click here to purchase it directly through the Spontuneous website, or for those in Canada check out the amazon storefront in order to get yours.

If you want to check out some youtube live action Spontuneous playing, then GO HERE!.

Also, you can stop by my Giveaway/Contests page as well to enter for your chance to win your very own copy of the game. Another great way to enter for a chance to win is to check out their facebook page for some online game play as well.

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