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Tuesday Bone

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Alright so I know we've touched on this topic a few times...actually, it's probably a few times too many but who cares.

The gripe I have this week is fairly simple and goes out to all those sites/companies/organizations that are posting 'jobs' for bloggers. I'm totally down with the fact they are posting about it, because we all want a piece of that pie, HOWEVER here is the problem.

If you are going to have minimum requirements that have to be met in order to even be considered worthy enough to work with your brand, you might want to do bloggers everywhere a favour and post what those minimums are.


In order to be considered you must have the following:
- an active twitter account with X number of followers
- an active facebook fanpage with X number of likes
- an active blog with a minimum of 6 months worth of blogs with at least 1 blog a week
- a minimum of X number of unique blog hits a month

...and so on.


Well because there may be tons of fish in the sea, and seasoned fish at that, but don't forget that they all started somewhere too. There are TONS of other fish in the sea, let's call them minnows (wtf, dont ask), that have zero clue that their application isn't even going to be entertained. Some are brand new, just started a blog 2 months ago, but are SO excited and driven and are going on and on about how they applied over at so and so and can't wait to hear back because it would be the coolest thing ever for them to do.

What ends up happening is no one gets back to them at all and then someone else gets chosen (and yes I realize this happens every day) but then these little guys compare themselves to those that were chosen for the job, and become overly deflated and get a really bad taste in their mouth for blogging and trying to reach out to brands etc.

Sure some are content just doing random reviews here and there and connecting with brands etc, but I think it would be a lot easier to defend the blogosphere when people realize up front that they are applying for a position that they don't have a hope in hell in getting. If people posted the minimum qualifications on all this job postings (y'know, like they do outside of the cyber world) it would super beneficial as clearly no one is going to contact all the applicants and tell them WHY they didn't make the cut and what they could do to make themselves more appealing the next time around.

Hmmm...that actually just gave me an idea...


Ok so basically I get that a lot of these bloggers work their asses off to get to where they are in this whole picture, but I know for a FACT that there are a bigger handful than I like to acknowledge that didn't and come to the little guys asking for advice or looking for answers to questions that they should already know. Yes we can learn something new from people every single day, but if some of them stopped acting like they hold some secret to striking it big in blogging, and shared the wealth as some others do, we'd all be a lot happier and learning so much more.

There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of brands out there guys, try backing off a bit and letting the little ones be mentored by your fantastic selves.

And to the brands, just be a little more clear on what your specs are for potential candidates for your business. No point in being flooded by hundreds of people that don't even come close to your minimum requirements. You can avoid all that by stating it hands down.