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REVIEW: Ohhh Canada's Vibrating Panties

Welcome to TMI Saturday.

If anyone really knows me, they know that I am a very forward, honest, takes a lot to embarrass me kind of girl. You would also know that I love a good review, but what I love more is the kinds of products that I get to review. I’ve done costumes, food, gadgets, creams/lotions and the list goes on. However I can now add adult toy/novelties to my list.

I was sent a pair of booty parlors “Turn Me On” vibrating panties to take for a joy ride (yes, the pun is beyond a doubt intended) by the ladies over at Ohhh Canada.

The box itself is very cute and feminine that opens up like a good book. That right there was bonus points as in this day and age everyone is so 50 Shades it makes sense. The contents include sexy silk & lace panties, a remote control and a wireless vibrating bullet which requires batteries that are included in the box for your enjoyment. Oh yeah, I said wireless and I know for all the men reading this that the words “remote control” just solidified this purchase regardless for the wife...your welcome ladies.

So what I love about these panties is simply that they are silk ribbon ties at the sides so you can adjust them if need be over time etc. What’s beneficial about these is that they are available up to a size 1XL so even the fluffy friends can get in on it as the ribbons are quite long. I figured there would be an issue with keeping them up once the bullet was placed in its little pocket but such wasn’t the case.

A downside to the panties is that bullet can slip on occasion as this little rocket of love has 10 settings and it would of been better had they even added a little Velcro piece or even a plastic snap closure on it to make sure it doesn’t take off.

Now for the bullet. The first couple of levels have a steady vibration but the following level would increase the intensity. The rest of the 10 levels have different kinds of vibrations so naturally there will be something for everyone. I guess it’s almost like getting your sleep mattress number, which number are you?

The remote control is kinda cool, I won’t lie, BUT it only has a 20 foot range that becomes less range if you are not in the line of sight. This could make mall walking with the hubby a no go if he ventures into the sports store while you head to Victoria’s Secret! Otherwise providing you aren’t hiding under 6 blankets and have your other half downstairs grabbing a snack, you should be good to go...and go!

Overall the product is cute, looks good, functions very well and can be used during all sorts of fun play, even outside the house (for those of you looking for some extra extra spice) although maybe not on a visit to your parents house – that might just lead to disaster.

I would rate this as a cute addition to your toy trunk for sure as even without the panties, you still have a great bullet. And even if you run out of batteries, you can always wear the panties to the store to buy some more!!!

Happy Playtime

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, NOT influenced in any way.

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