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So there I am! Living it up in my 30-somethings with a ridiculously hot hubby, 3 seriously outgoing matter-of-fact smart beautiful kids, a cat named Roxii that just won't quit, 2 chihuahuas named Lokii (what was I thinking) and Brodii who don't understand the concept of pee outside.

I'm a strongly opinionated, outspoken, inappropriate and absolutely unapologetic chick going through this thing called life and trying to do it with my sanity intact. So far, this isn't working out so well!

Follow me as I confession myself straight to the LCBO. My rants, my way...you've been warned ;) Xo

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30 Things: #4 - Tell My 16yr Old Self

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So #4 in the 30 Things tells me to list 10 things that I would tell my 16 year old self. The fact that I have to go back half my life to figure this out is depressing. The fact that I know a bunch of you are telling me to STFU (even out loud) just makes me smile.

Alright so let's get it going then...

1. Dude, if you aren't happy in your relationship you need to give your head a shake, jab, knock etc and end it already.

2. People talking to you today that aren't talking to you all the time are just useless assholes and you need to drop them like a dirty shirt.

3. Worry about your own problems.

4. Don't worry about what everyone else wants you to be/do when you finish high school, do what makes you happy.

5. Your "bf" is actually a psychotic bitch and she'll walk all over you after she bleeds you for everything you have.

6. Don't let dad move in with you for awhile when you are in your 30's, cause when he leaves to get his own place he leaves a shit ton of stuff behind that you know he's never going to actually come back and claim...hmm on that thought, maybe you let him and when he leaves give it all away for free!!! Bazinga

7. Real friends are few and far between. Recognize the ones that are just convenience friends, which ones genuinely have your back and which ones are most likely being nice to your face and talking about you behind your back.

8. Don't be so self conscious and prevent yourself from playing lots of sports. You'll wish you kept up with it and want to do it all anyhow only you are almost 34 and no way to.

9. Get in touch with Roger now...

10. Cause in less than 10 years you are going to hook up, have babies and then get married so you might as well get started lol.