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REVIEW: Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume

Yay it's THAT time of year again!!! Some people look forward to Christmas or Easter, even Valentine's Day but in this house it is all about Halloween!!!

The stores are starting to display their stock in the seasonal section, kids are running by and pressing the "Try Me" button on all the decorations...well, ok, I'M running by pressing all the buttons, but either way Halloween is in the air.

Now that I have the official count down on (we are T-minus 61 days) it was time to get my costume hunting on yet again. Last year I killed the sexy kitty costume and I was on the hunt for yet another one to fulfill this year's demand. Annnnnd I found it! I introduce to you my 2012 sexy costumes 'Alice in Wonderland' costume!

The awesome team over at costumereviewers.com hooked me up yet again and they never fail to deliver, quick, easy and exactly what I asked for.

Check out the link to the website. There are tons to choose from, at great prices and prompt shipping. If you already have yours for this year, and you are anything like me, then get one for 2013 as it would be well worth it. Check out all the hot fashion in tunic wear as well!

If you are worried about variety, don't because you have a large selection of categories to choose from including fairytale, pirate, occupation, goth, vampire, humorous, gangster and even plus size so there is something for everyone.

In this case I ordered an XL (despite being a fluffy alice), and yet again I was a little worried about how the actual fit would be considering I can't 'try it on' and then adjust the size, and was pleasantly surprised. I'm in the process of losing some additional fluff, but even just 5lbs between now and Halloween will have this a comfortable fit for sure. The price tag of just under $40 is fantastic as it comes with the hair band, the dress and the stockings which means the additional accessories (just the puff skirt for under the dress as I have the rockin mary jane shoes already) won't turn this great price into a ridiculously expensive one so it's a sure go. Since doing some additional research on prices for a similar costume, so far I will of saved money shopping here.

Didn't find something you liked at the above store? Check out any of these following ones for even more to choose from:


Have a safe and "Wonderland" Halloween!

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, NOT influenced in any way.

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