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So there I am! Living it up in my 30-somethings with a ridiculously hot hubby, 3 seriously outgoing matter-of-fact smart beautiful kids, a cat named Roxii that just won't quit, 2 chihuahuas named Lokii (what was I thinking) and Brodii who don't understand the concept of pee outside.

I'm a strongly opinionated, outspoken, inappropriate and absolutely unapologetic chick going through this thing called life and trying to do it with my sanity intact. So far, this isn't working out so well!

Follow me as I confession myself straight to the LCBO. My rants, my way...you've been warned ;) Xo

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If You Follow ME!

So I just read something rather disturbing.

"If @joeymcintrye follows me I'll quit smoking"

Has it really come to this? Granted, I would probably do quite a few things -- somewhere in the line of swagger my big 'ol ass around like I own the world, if he followed me, but quit smoking? Really?

I don't smoke so maybe I don't quite understand, but shouldn't you be quitting smoking because YOU want to do it, for whatever number of reasons that you should do it?

I have seen plenty of the above throughout my time on twitter and honestly, do you have ANY idea how much of a selfish moron you look like when you have CHILDREN and you haven't quit for them but state you will if some celebrity follows you?

As much as I want to say all of that in much more blunt, rude and f-bomb ways, I think I make a point regardless when I say this...