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I'm a strongly opinionated, outspoken, inappropriate and absolutely unapologetic chick going through this thing called life and trying to do it with my sanity intact. So far, this isn't working out so well!

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So it's been abotu 11 days since I've been on here and in those 11 days a lot has happened!!!

Kenzi graduated to a cot from her isolette on February 2nd and managed to maintain to body temperature for the full 48 hours that they needed to see and still continues to do as such. The nurse didn't know (cause it wasn't documented) that he wanted Kenzi kept in the isolette until at least 1800g but at 1730g she was put in one and did really well.

Of course she did great with her bottle feeds. We had the worst time trying to find a nipple that didn't have the formula coming out all over the place and let's just say 'thank god for Dr. Browns' LOL Because of all this toxic chemical stuff I replaced the playtex bottles with gerber ones but now the task is finding nipples to fit the bottle and not leak!!! Decisions decisions decisions...

I guess the most important news you want to hear is this...

After 46 days in the NICU/SCN Kenzi Briana came home on February 7th with a weight of 1900g (4lbs 3oz). She's been doing AWESOME and there isn't enough words to describe how happy we are and how much of a real completion she gives our family.

As mentioned she hit 4lbs on the 4th. As of today we are still waiting for the 5lb mark, and as of her doctor's appointment (first one since being home) she's up to 4lbs 6.5oz. Because of the few days of weight loss when formula switched and all that other stuff that has gone on she's now dropped back in her IUGR dates again. There was a start lag of 3w3d to begin with so as of the doctors appointment she was 37w5d according to her gestation, but with the IUGR had her at 34w2d, and if you compare her weight to where she is on the charts etc, she's actually at 32w6.5d. This gives an end result of 4w5.5d behind in growth...oddly enough in development though she's doing really great! She's just going to be a tiny beaner I think.

At her 2 month(ish) adjusted age (end of April) she goes for her hearing test. With full term babies they go for a standard 20 minute testing but with any non-term babies that get a refer on the ears (or one ear as in this case) they have to go for a diagnostics testing which lasts about 2 hours...should be LOTS of fun (sarcasm). I'm sure her hearing is fine but either way she has lots of tests and appointments still to go through.

She had her eyes done 1 more time prior to leaving the hospital and they came back stellar as always. We go see her eye doctor again in 2 weeks and continue with that until she doesn't need to go anymore.

She gets 2 needles next week. Her standard 8 week vaccinations that they don't use corrected age for (it's pretty much the only time they don't use corrected age) and her RSV shot as her immunity is next to none and it's that season. Roger I hope isn't working because I don't do well with needles and babies...

Otherwise not a lot to report. She's drinking almost 60ml's every 3ish hours. More often than not it seems more like 45-50ml's but we are putting 60 in there until she learns to drink it all and then we will increase another 5cc's again.

Sorry it had been a few guys, but life with 3 kids 3 and under is a little crazy sometimes! LOL