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The New Years Day update...

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Alright so mom and dad just got back from visiting miss Kenzi. We are happy to report that she's gained some weight!!! She was 763g the other day, and as of 12/30 she was 788g and tonight they weigh her again so I won't have that weight until tomorrow. So converted that is equal to 1.74lbs and for those number people that's 27.8oz (1lb 11.8oz) so woohoo on that. She's got 67 more grams to go to get back to her birth weight, so hopefully that'll be by the end of the week.

So the ultrasound was done on her head yesterday and the results came back and everything looks normal. I was dreading hearing anything but no news is good news as they say so I was happy to NOT hear anything but to of asked and be told 'normal' I'm pretty happy with that. As well I've been advised not to look into too many websites dealing with preemies that aren't from a medical or university point of view as they tend to stress people out more than they do good. I'll admit I've been all over looking for answers and possible problems that might arise to prepare myself but after speaking with her nurse today I think I'm just going to avoid them for the most part and check out the ones she suggested.

I asked a bunch of questions today in regards to potential problems and all sorts of things and so far they said Kenzi has no respitory issues or anything else really going on. The only potential problems they could see arising if at all would be infections. For someone so little she gets sick really fast but also gets better really fast. So far she's had no infections and with her IV line coming out most likely in the next 2 days it'll be one less thing that could cause infection. So at this point I'm limiting her visits outside her incubator to just Roger and myself. If someone wants to come visit then that's fine, but no touching until I say so.

In regards to Kenzi and her eating these days, she's up to 7ml's every 2 hours but at midnight tonight she said that they will most likely up her to 8ml's every 2 hours as she's been holding it down pretty good and they want to get her to full feedings as soon as they can (which for her weight etc is about 10ml's every 2 hours). So the increases will go from every 24 hours to every 12 hours so once she reaches 10ml's and keeps it all down with no problems then out comes her IV and they just work on getting her fed and filled out. Sometime around 33 or 34 weeks (Jan 11th - Jan 18th) they are going to start trying to bottle feed and see how well that goes. She's probably going to be a little slower at catching on to eating from a bottle but who knows, she could surprise everyone! :)

I asked what was coming up in the next week or so for Kenzi and they said nothing really planned, just some standard blood work to see how her sodium levels are doing but otherwise it's just a straight forward week for this little one...sounds good to us!