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That's our girl...

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So even though I'm hopefully going today to see Kenzi I just had to call to find out the update. I know she was weighed last night and I know that they were going to increase her food in 12 hour instead of 24 hour increments sooo....

She packed on 49g in 2 days bringing her up to 837g, that's 18g from her birth weight. YAY. That puts her at 29.52oz or 1lb 13.5oz. Based on the charts that puts her at about 26w5d growth which from all the calculations I've done only puts her 1w3d off her IUGR dates. Confusing I know but it's more for me than for anyone else! :) Otherwise she had a great night, 8ml's every 2 hours, going to 9ml's every 2 hours at 10am as last night at 10 is when they up'd her to 8ml's. Tonight at 10pm they'll up her to 10ml's which is the max for her size/weight and they'll remove her IV once they are happy that she's taking the 10ml's and digesting it well etc, so the ONLY tube in her body would be her feeding tube in her nose and that's it. LESS chance for infections, which is exactly what we want.

Then the next couple weeks would just be standard tests and watching her breathing dips and keeping her free of infections. At around 33-34 weeks they'll try to bottle feed her and hopefully that goes awesome and then it'll be time for a level 2 facility. Hopefully it goes just standard and like that with no pending problems etc. With all her tests etc coming back normal and clear, infection is the only concern and I plan to make sure that no outside factors play a role should she get one by limiting a few things.

Otherwise it's time to get Jordan to daycare, chase Maddi all over the place, and hopefully get up to the hospital this afternoon, if not tonight.