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She's transferred!!!

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So at 2.30pm today she left the building...and arrived sound asleep at just after 3pm. I went to the hospital to meet her upon her arrival and got her all settled into her new home at the special care nursery. No longer an ICU patient, at this point it's just a little TLC and a whole lotta teaching on how to go home. They weighed her again and she was 3lbs 8.5oz, she's just packing it on and I can't wait until she comes home.

I called Roger and gave him all the details etc and although he's working until some crazy time tonight he still wants to go see her in her new place so all the power to him. I am happy as I'll be going to the hospital a lot more to see her with her being so close to me.

Can I mention again how laid back it is there. My security blanket for the last 4 weeks has been the monitors and the constant attention to the babies. Here it appears that the attention doesn't come until the baby demands it. Not that they aren't paying attention but babies here are here for minimal reasons and not a whole lot of concern is going on, if there was she'd still be at McMaster. I'll have to make sure I send something off to them as they've been my strength for the last 4 weeks and I had every intention of going in tonight and bathing and feeding her there but now there is no need and no need to go back to the hospital.

The on call doctor said he was impressed with how well Kenzi has done with being a 30 weeker. He was impressed that she was only on the CPAP for a little bit after birth and then not at all since, that her eye tests came back fine, her hearing is pretty much fine, and the weight she's put on is great. She also hasn't had any apnea/bradycardia spells that resulted in intervention for the last 10 days (if there were any episodes she corrected them herself) and that was a lovely sign and that now that she is 35weeks gestation and with no spells they'd probably remove her caffeine and see what happens as they haven't up'd the dosage with her weight gain, they are just letting her grow out of the dosage. She is off sodium for now and her levels seem fine and she'll still be on iron and poly vi sol which is just a nutritional supplement.

I asked what was the thing with 'baby goes home at 5lbs' stuff and the nurse just shook her head and said with her if it's just feeding from a bottle, as soon as she takes bottles only for a 48 hour period, she goes home!

GET ON THE BOTTLE KENZI!!!!!!! She's taken a bottle before, twice and done really good, and 2 or 3 times she just took 5ml's of her 19-30ml and the rest had to be gavaged...she'll get it...I want her home!