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I'm a strongly opinionated, outspoken, inappropriate and absolutely unapologetic chick going through this thing called life and trying to do it with my sanity intact. So far, this isn't working out so well!

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Another update for the boys :)

Well tonights visit went much better than the last 2 days with the machines going off etc. Tonight after her feed it only went off a few times but she brought it right back up herself.

So of course tonight was the big night, the weigh in and bath. Was very happy with both. The bath was umm interesting to say the least, why? Because I got to cloth bath her tonight, not the nurse. I know she's not going to break but I took forever to bath her as I was trying to be as gentle as possible and get everywhere. I don't think I really 'washed' her hair so much as just kind of ran the cloth over her little head and managed to give her a 'mini mo' (a.k.a mohawk). Then we got her a new diaper, a new itty bitty sleeper and the nurse said to bring her on out. I took her out and she wasn't in a blanket all wrapped up this time either so I was able to hold her and see how tiny she actually is in comparison with my arm etc as usually with the blanket she looks a lot bigger. I'll try to get some pics posted tomorrow to show you what I mean.

Her feed went well. She is still on 15ml's every 2 hours and handles it pretty good. She got her crank on a few times after the feed and her machine went off but it came back and she just chomped away on her chooch (soother) -- yes the green ugly one -- and was alright. Daddy had to put her back in the incubator and I was very proud and impressed as see he gets away with not having to bath her or change her etc. He says his hands are just too big and her feels awkward...ahhh hello, she's 1/4th the size of the other 2 babies we had, she's that way for ME too!!! Geez, men sometimes.

Alright so the official stats at 33w gestational age for her is...1185g (2.6lbs = 41.8oz = 2lbs 9.8oz). Gooooo Kenzi!!!! With this weight she's closed her IUGR gap by another day bringing her to 2.5days to reach her IUGR dates and then she just needs to work on closing the 3w3d gap for her gestational age...all in due time. She's doing fantastic, more talk of her moving on out to a level 2 early next week. I'm anticipating that day every second of the day...so until tomorrow or Sunday weigh in, keep the gram countdown on. From 129g to 65g left...come on Kenzi!