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And the saga continues...

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Last night daddy and I went to visit miss Kenzi as per usual. Everything was fine and pretty straight forward until close to her feeding time. What I mean by this is her machine usually dings here and there for a second but then it corrects itself and we continue on. Last night however, I got her change her bum (go Mum I know), and put her back in her sleeper and the nurse wrapped her all up and handed her to me. Then it was time for her feed. She is now at 15ml's of formula (half a standard oz) every 2 hours. So by this point it's pretty straight forward how to do the feeds etc and there I was feeding her, she finished up, they capped the feeding tube and voila, we sit in peace. Yeah right until her machine dings and then goes off on it's own (yay Kenzi), then it goes off again (hey little missy), to which the nurse came over and stood there until she was happy with the number on the Oxygen sat. So it comes back up and we are good to go...yup, up until her heart monitor goes off and doesn't just go ding, ding, ding...it starts going ding ding, ding ding, ding ding and another nurse calmly says 'tap that baby, rub her back, wiggle her around please' so we do that all the while the machine is going off (at this point I'm trying not to panic) and her primary nurse comes out and says 'sorry mom but we have to cut cuddle time tonight, she needs to go back in i think'.

(can I pout and cry at this point, this is the second time in 2 days she's had to cut cuddle time)

So back in she goes, on her tummy and I sit and watch her for 15 minutes waiting to hear the bells again. Only we don't hear the bells, we hear nothing, and all her numbers are exactly where she's happy having them. She falls asleep, we stay a bit longer and call it a night. I'm sad and miserable all the way home. Why are the machines going off NOW? Was it something that I did? Is she going to be alright? All the way home I'm grilling Roger for answers. He of course is reassuring me all the way home that she's fine, she's going to be fine, she's FINE. We get home, get the other two ready for bed (which I'll point out means absolutely nothing as they never go to bed on time) and Roger calls the hospital at my request to make sure everything is in fact fine.

What we basically find out is that with small babies these things happen (if I had a dollar for everytime I've heard that in the last 3 weeks...) and that with her feeds being 15ml's it could be that it's just filling her up to the brim and leaving less room for deep breaths and all that sort of stuff so that combined with the cuddling and her position in our arms etc she just wasn't happy and wanted to be back in her incubator relaxing.


That better be the reasoning behind it. I called the hospital again about an hour ago to see how she's been all day and what's going on and apparently no issues at all, so I'm thinking that yes it was probably just in regards to her feeds that her body was working overtime to get all that food digested etc. They are continuing her on 15ml's every 2 hours as she needs the calories and to beef it up for them and then on to her level 2 facility.

I'm going to go in to see her tonight with daddy most likely as it's weigh in and bath time tonight. My favourite nights of course as it tells us just how much closer to home she'll be (remember 1250g, she's 129g from that now) and also how much of the growing gap she's closed with her dates. And of course bath time, well, who doesn't LOVE bath time!!!! Will update later tonight with her weight etc.