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So umm yeah, had a baby on the 23rd!

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So I went from being 30w2d pregnant to having my baby girl 10 weeks early, thus bringing her into the world on December 23rd. I figured I'll be updating everyone pretty much daily on the early bird girlie to not only keep my sanity but to keep an online journal of sorts for later.

It's now Dec 25th (Merry Christmas everyone) and with that is her day 2 update...

Alright so Roger went in and was able to hold her for about 15 minutes. He was in gown etc. I didn't go as today despite tylenol 3's etc I was just in too much discomfort. I'm going tomorrow and the next day for sure though.

So for the whole of today the rundown is that she is on double phototherapy for jaundice (which looking at her you can't tell she has it or anything as she's just bright red most of the time), she had her feeding tube removed from her throat and it's now up her nose instead as it was causing her to gag a lot with it being in the mouth.

She LOVES her soother, which is odd cause not only is it the ugliest thing I've ever seen but Roger took video of her actually USING the soother and it's cute even though everything to her looks enormous.

She was given 5ml of caffeine this morning instead of being put back on the CPAP machine as babies born early due to IUGR tend to have apnea and bradycardia which is basically where she forgets to breath for more than 15 seconds. So instead of automatically going to the CPAP assistant they tried the caffeine instead (which they gave her at like 11.30 this morning) and she did fine with no incidents of stopping breathing until Roger was there so they are going to do another dose of caffeine again and if that doesn't change it then they will put her back on the CPAP for a bit. However she did go about 8 hours without having an episode so they are pretty sure that the caffeine in itself will be fine. She was crying while Roger was handling her (apparently she is quite a fiesty bugger when anyone touches her) and they figured the only reason the breathing issue came up was she ran outta oxygen while bawling as with her lungs being so tiny and not 100% matured it's a lot easier to kind of 'use up' what is there.

And the last thing was that they will probably be removing one tube from her belly button tonight or tomorrow and that'll leave her with just her other tube in her belly button (her I.V) and her feeding tube in her nose.

I will say today was the first day that I bawled like a moron too. I didn't get to go see her today which already had me feeling like a bag of crap but once I seen newer photos and Roger holding her and her out of the incubater light etc it just freaked me out and stuff and I just felt really really bad and guilty and a whole lot of everything.

And of course I'll update everyone tomorrow (and every other time I get an update) as well!