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She's 3 days old!

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Alright so we have today's update via the NICU...

Miss Kenzi has had NO breathing issues today at all. There was a possibility that she may of needed to go back to the CPAP machine but since today there has been no cause for concern she hasn't needed the CPAP and they've just done the caffeine again and all is well. YAY KENZI!!!

On the off note, they don't want her losing any more weight. She has dropped down from 855g at birth to 755g now. Yes it's expected that all babies, preemie or not, lose abotu 10% of their weight in the first week but they are hoping that Kenzi won't exceed that. Good news on that front however is that yesterday she was getting 1ml of formula every 4 hours as that was all that her little tummy could take, but today she is on 1ml of formula every 2 hours and seems to be handling it well so it's a good thing as hopefully that'll help keep the weight climbing back up or at least steady for a few days before going on the up and up.

She isn't on double phototherapy sessions anymore (for jaundice), just single, so one of her lights is out now which as far as I can tell is a good thing. One less thing that she has to endure but who knows as she'll probably have to go back on it again at some point. She is by no means out of the woods yet, just definitely making progress which is what we all want.

Her belly also has come down a bit which is good as it was on the larger side due to the stress while in the womb which is I guess helping in regards to allowing her to keep down more food.

Tomorrow we are going to visit and taking Jordan for the first time. He seen her pics today on the camera and cried because he didn't like that she was crying and asked what the tubes were etc and then when he asked to go see her daddy said 'not tonight' and he lost it and said he wanted to go. It was so emotional to see him like that but I can see he's trying to understand and hopefully tomorrow he'll start to learn a little bit at a time.

On a mom note, I thought I was going to be spared with the milk supply coming in...yup spoke to soon cause the pissin' stuff has decided it's time...I was hoping to avoid it...looks like my incision won't be the only thing painful for the next 2 weeks...grrrr!!