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Been a few days...

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Alright so today Kenzi is 6 days old!!! I can't believe almost a week has gone by already, but not for lack of lots of exciting events. During the course of this week Maddisyn (the 18 month old) has decided that she no longer wants to sleep in a crib, and that's just how it is...sooo off to Leon's on Boxing Day to buy a bed for her and make the transition out of the crib and into her new 'big girl' bed. How all that pans out to follow in the next few days...

So Miss Kenzi apparently is the night owl of the pod. I love it. Why? Because nothing is new. She was quite the rocker all night long before 6 days ago and spent the days sleeping and she seems to be doing the same thing over at the NICU.

We took Jordan to see Kenzi on Thursday night and it was great. He asked daddy a bunch of questions and then while Roger was taking a video while they were prepping Kenzi for bath time, Jordan kept saying 'its ok Kenzi, you are alright Kenzi' while she was screaming as they bathed her. Absolutely one of the most adorable top 10 things of this year for sure.

Then on the way home my sister Teri asked me how much Kenzi weighed at birth. As I proceeded to tell her '855 grams' Jordan pipes up from the back 'Kenzi is going to be alright' and Teri replies 'I know, I was just asking mommy a question' and in return he says 'Kenzi is FINE!'. It was at that point that I realised the staples needed to come out of my stomach at that point as not the most pleasent experience laughing while in pain and trying not to cough all the while having 13 staples tug. Yum I know.

Yesterday (Friday) we had so much to do we didn't get a chance to drop by the hospital. I of course feel like a completely useless mother and don't do so well on not going by or at least having Roger stop by so needless to say I had a very moody evening. Of course we call to get an update either way, even when we are going, however on Thursday the hospital called us!

So panicing I yell at Roger to get inside and call the hospital. He talks to them (this is Thursday early afternoon) and I'm watching him be all CALM (something I'm not good at) and he thanks the nurse and gets off the phone. What had happened was as I said before Kenzi only has 3 tubes running from her body. 1 is the feeding tube that's in her nose and the other 2 are her IV in her belly button and another line that runs from her belly button for blood work etc. Well they had said they were most likely removing the blood work line as it wasn't needed and they want as little running to her body as possible to cancel out any infections etc and since most blood work was done, that any further could just be taken from her foot. Well, while removing this blood work tubing they 'nicked' something. Of course I'm panicing thinking 'THEY NICKED MY DAUGHTER' and in turn she lost 9cc's of blood. At this point I'm stressing out and wondering what is going to happen. Roger continues to stay calm and tells me then that Kenzi is now eating 2ml's of formula every 2 hours instead of 1. YAY KENZI. He tells me she's dropped in weight again though. What?! That is pretty much what came out of my mouth. She loses 9cc's of blood cause they cut her and now she's losing weight?! I'm pretty much unstable at this point and Roger is reassuring me we are going to see her and taking Jordan and it's fine.

Fast forward to the hospital and we come to find out that yes she lost 9cc's of blood but it was the LINE that got nicked, not her. Ok so I'm relieved a bit as no one messed with my baby girl but still pissed that 9cc's of blood is gone. They assured me that her hemoblogin levels etc would be checked that night at 9pm and they'd figure out if she needed more blood or if she'd be ok etc. We do the visit, drive home, answer all Jordan's questions and go to bed.

So moving on, it's Friday, the day we didn't go, and as per usual we called for our daily dose from the NICU. Kenzi is now eating 3ml's of formula every 2 hours and handling it very well. She's had a few dips in her breathing but she's continuing to correct the little dips herself without having to have the nurse get involved to get her to remember to breathe. Nothing really much to tell in regards to what else is going on as it was a pretty quiet day with her. All I'm thinking is --wow you guys have no idea what you are in for-- kinda thing.

Now then, today is Saturday. Called for a Kenzi update and we are told she's dropped down to 750g from 760g yesterday yet again. I'm wondering what is going on but the nurses tell Roger 'tell mom everything is fine, she's eating, everything is good, it's most likely excess fluid. in the next couple days you'll start to see your increase'. Ok so am I happy? Not not really. I just want to hear the weight go up. Is it wrong that that in particular is a reassurance factor for me? Do I know anything about babies with IUGR in a NICU? Nope, but I'm learning. Good news today again is although she is still having the occasional dip in the heart monitor she still continues to correct it herself without aide, however they are close by to make sure regardless. Other good news is feeding wise she's up to 4ml's of formula every 2 hours and they are hoping it continues to hold out. They increase her ml's by 1 every 24 hours so tomorrow she should be on 5ml's every 2 hours.

So that is that. Another update for everyone. I'm hoping we are still going by the hospital tonight but if I don't make it in then absolutely NOTHING is getting in my way of going tomorrow. Our monkey is going to be 1 week old tomorrow...it's crazy but I LOVE it and it's 1 week closer to coming home.