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1 week old!

So how awesome was today!!!!

Alright I'll explain. So we call this morning for our update as we didn't make it in last night. Kenzi is still on 4ml's of formula every 2 hours, she GAINED WEIGHT (13g) to bring her to 763g (1.68lbs or 1lb 10.91oz for those of you that like numbers like me), that somewhere around 33 or 34 weeks they are going to try to bottle feed her if she'll let them and it goes well and a few dips in breathing again but she's self correcting and still on the caffeine instead of the CPAP and doing lovely. YAY for Kenzi, she's over 31weeks now, 31w2d to be exact so 33 weeks for bottle feeding isn't that far off.

So alright, the update is good, we are good, I'm good, everything is good.

Roger and I go for our visit and I figure we'd be there just a short period of time. We get there and she'd just finished eating, which she's now up to 5ml's every 2 hours and doesn't the nurse slide a chair on wheels over for us and say 'alright give me a few minutes and you guys can have some snuggle time'. I'm almost floored at this point. Why you ask? I'VE NEVER HELD HER BEFORE!!!!

Few minutes naturally feels like a million years and finally she pops a hat on her head, wraps her up and hands her to me. Is it appropriate to say I almost died right there in that hospital? I couldn't believe just how freakin' small she actually is PLUS how much, despite being 763g, heavier she felt than I figured she would. For something so small her weight seems so good. I held her for almost half and hour and the whole time she squawked like 2 times for a second otherwise she just opened her eyes and looked around (although how much she can actually see at this point I've no idea) and then spent the rest of the time sleeping peacefully in my arms. Have I said how small she was? Seriously in the incubator she seemed small and fragile but once out she just disappeared into my arms...ok so maybe that had to do with me basically giving off the vibe that if anyone tried to touch me or the baby and put her back I'd have to lay the smackdown. Roger videotaped a bunch for me and then it was time for her to go back to her bator. She went in without complaints, they took her hat and blanket off and she just sort of chilled out.

I asked what sort of stuff was going on for her that evening etc and the nurse said that Kenzi's sodium levels were a little low so she was getting supplementation for that but otherwise everything else looked good. They were going to check her electrolytes to make sure she wasn't expelling too much at a time through her urine (which might I throw in that they had her in a full hospital sized preemie diaper and it almost came to her armpits. I asked why and she said cause Kenzi likes to soak through her diapers...lol ummm oops?).

All in all another good day down at the NICU...just keep on praying that there are plenty more where those came from!